We offer a simple, easy and effective way to learn English with pictures. Everyday Language, Housing, Food, Clothing, Health, Community, Work

We provide easy and effective way to learn English with pictures

accordingly, Hippo offer a simple, easy and effective way to learn English with pictures. specifically, Everyday Language, Housing, Food, Clothing, Health, Community, Work.

additionally, People Everyday Language Housing Food Clothing.

also, Health Community Transportation Work.

We offer an easy way to learn English with pictures.

No matter what is your native language!

easy and effective way to learn English with pictures
easy and effective way to learn English with pictures
easy and effective way to learn English with pictures
easy and effective way to learn English with pictures

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besides, Hippo Dictionary is a user-friendly website that helps people learn English words. therefore, Hippo Dictionary has its own dictionary of over 100,000 words, with pictures and audio pronunciations. surely, Hippo Dictionary started out as a set of flashcards created in 2010 by a team of three. thus, Today we have users across the globe who are learning English. undeniably, We’re on a mission to teach every language learner how to speak effortlessly in any situation.

correspondingly, easy and effective way to learn English with pictures.

easy and effective way to learn English with pictures

despite, effective and easy way to learn English with pictures.

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though,Look up Look up Read Read Translate Translate Check Check Copy Copy Draw Draw Discuss Discuss Brainstorm Brainstorm Help Help Ask Humid Humid Test booklet Test booklet Answer sheet Answer sheet Score Score Grades Grades Fill in Fill in Choose Choose/span> Circle Start a conversation Start a conversation Make small talk Make small talk Compliment Compliment Offer Offer Thank Thank Apologize Apologize Accept an apology Accept an apology Invite Invite Decline Decline Agree Temperature Temperature Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Celsius Celsius Hot Hot Warm Warm Cool Cool Cold Cold Freezing Freezing Degrees Degrees Sunny / Clear.

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